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Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH (field partner)

For over 90 years AÜW has been a fixture of life in many parts of the Allgäu region. As the biggest regional electricity supplier employing around 300 people, currently more than 94,000 private households and commercial customers in its territory benefit from AÜW's extensive range of products and services.

Following its motto of "In the region for the region", the company has set itself the challenging target of generating 40 percent of its output from renewable energy in the Allgäu by the year 2020. Together with its eight partners in the AllgäuStrom association, AÜW is consequently making an important contribution to expanding the generation of environmentally friendly, CO2-reducing and non-nuclear energy. It has already participated in wind farms such as the Trianel offshore wind farm near Borkum, the construction of a wood-chip heating plant in Scheidegg, the mini-solar park in Veits/Kempten, the brand new solar park in Ursulasried and the modernization of several hydroelectric power stations. More projects are in the pipeline. In 2010 it generated around 1,089 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity and posted sales of 204 million euros.

Project contact:
Robert Köberle
Tel.: +49 831 2521 - 561

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