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Individual aims of Siemens

By participating in the IRENE project, Siemens is principally seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What and how much metering technology is required? How can we deal with the data traffic generated?
  • To what extent is it possible to influence decentralized feed-in systems so that they do not overload the distribution network?
  • What is the technical and economic potential of distribution transformers with voltage regulators?
  • To what extent will the number of electric vehicles envisaged for 2020 have an impact on the distribution network?
  • To what extent is buffer storage required? How can stationary batteries and electric vehicles help?
  • What impact in terms of network upgrading costs can be expected in the medium term? What network upgrading costs can be avoided or postponed?
  • To find robust answers to these questions, in collaboration with field partner AÜW, Siemens will operate metering equipment and control systems in a selected subnetwork over a lengthy period of time.

Field trials using a large vehicle fleet (up to 40) within the research region can demonstrate the availability and impact of electric vehicles along with their capacity to act as "mobile reservoirs". To obtain realistic test conditions, the vehicle fleet will be used in the research region over several lengthy periods of time.

Siemens will provide innovative controllable transformers and a smart battery management system – for both stationary and mobile batteries. Feed-in systems (especially PV units) will be equipped with controllable inverters so that they can perform specific system services. A flexible control system will coordinate the controllable components to optimize network load.

Only the interplay of all these technologies can enable both technical and economically viable solutions to be implemented where the contributions of the controllable and volatile prosumers complement each other to deliver reliable network operation. Siemens will use the findings of IRENE to optimize its future solution and product portfolio to meet the needs of distribution network operators.