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Networking with other projects

The IRENE project is also cooperating with other projects and networks concerned with alternative energy supply:

  • The "AlpEnergy" project focuses on promoting sustainable energy in the Alps through the use of renewables. It aims to ensure security of supply and to harmonize the economics and environmental impact of supplying power to the Alpine region.
  • The "CO2NeuTrAlp" project promotes alternative mobility concepts in the Alpine region based on drive technologies that employ renewable energy. The partners involved are developing concepts for the increased use of electric and biofuel-powered vehicles.
  • The "eE-Tour Allgäu" project (Efficient e-mobility and Tourism Allgäu) brings together project partners from industry and research to promote the use of electric vehicles by Allgäu residents and Allgäu tourists. The project aims to research and implement e-mobility in order to enhance the attractiveness of the Allgäu.