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eE-Tour Allgäu

Researching and implementing e-mobility for tourism in the Allgäu

This project focuses on technological challenges (installation of battery charging stations; intelligent and user-friendly fleet management; suitable drive technologies – i.e. batteries) and on information and communication technologies (ICT) specially designed for electric vehicles in the form of intelligent in-car PCs.

As well as technical solutions, future business models and suitable billing systems are also being developed and tested. To investigate how the vehicles might be used, since the middle of 2010 more than 50 different electric vehicles have been available to tourists and residents to hire or borrow at various rental stations (e.g. hotels) in the Allgäu region.

Trials are also being conducted for potential applications of electric vehicles in everyday use by companies (e.g. as part of AÜW's company fleet) and possibly also in community schemes. The eE-Tour Allgäu project is being run by eight project partners from business and academia, including AÜW – partner of AllgäuStrom, the local association of energy suppliers – plus Kempten University and the Kempten-based software company Soloplan GmbH.

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