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Sustainable energy supply (AlpEnergy)

The AlpEnergy project focuses on promoting sustainable energy in the Alps.

- Security of supply through renewable energies
The AlpEnergy project focuses on promoting sustainable energy in the Alps through renewables. It aims to ensure security of supply and to harmonize the economics and environmental impact of supplying power to the Alpine region.

- Modular virtual power supply system
The AlpEnergy team is developing modules for a virtual power supply system that will supply energy continuously and reliably to the Alpine region. The main focus is on solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy sources. A "virtual power station" is created from coupling together many small decentralized energy-generating systems. This allows intelligent management of energy generation, distribution and consumption.

- Special electricity meters: smart meters
The project partners use special electricity meters called smart meters to measure the energy used by consumers. This enables important data about usage patterns to be gathered and energy consumption forecasts to be generated. The next step is to harmonize generation and consumption.

- Varying amounts of power generation at different times
Decentralized renewable energy sources generate varying amounts of power at different times. Electric vehicles can be charged during periods when renewable energy is available, and can then supply power back to the grid as and when required.

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